Since 1982

Critical Infrastructure

For the past couple of years, threat actors have consistently targeted vital infrastructures such as energy, utility or transportation.

From energy organizations to transportation companies it is of paramount importance that security in all critical infrastructure sectors is of the highest standard and that there is a disaster preparedness, response and recovery are top priorities.

ISDS provides institutional knowledge and specialized expertise for collaboratively develop, coordination, and implementation of voluntary programs to improve security and resilience within the Critical Infrastructure Sector.

ISDS maintains decades of practical experience and expertise providing consultancy, planning, and implementation of integrated security service and systems for major power facilities, oil and gas exploration and pipelines, and other utilities worldwide.

ISDS support its customers to identify vulnerabilities and to gain visibility and insight into the updated realistic threats as well as understand and effectively mitigate the associated risks.

The technological, operational and physical complexity of critical infrastructure facilities, lead ISDS to develop and implement an integrated and multidisciplinary model for security and protection of critical infrastructures.

The anchor of our approach is the ability to model and analyze threats and to assess their suitability for a given facility and for the applicability of a set of threat sources and agents. Thus, the resulting security program and concept of operation are effective and efficient.

Knowledge and experience are very important in the infrastructure security field. ISDS counts with years of successfully delivering of diverse projects around the world and can guarantee implementation of practical, impregnable, customized, timely, and cost-effective security solutions.

ISDS brings together collaborative know-how and expertise in physical security, cyber security and ICT technology to deliver fused security resilience and disaster risk mitigation.