Since 1982


The cyber threat has evolved from a data security risk to an existential risk to the organization that is becoming increasingly difficult to defend. Its impact has severe consequences that have evolved from annoying space invaders, to denial of service, to complete computing and data lockup in an era in which business may be one mouse-click away from permanently closing its doors.

The boundary lines between physical security risks and cyber security risks became increasingly blurred. The Cyber-threat presents severe risk for physical assets and physical threats that may cause huge detrimental impacts on computing and data assets.

Responding to the evolving multidimensional nature of threats: a holistic approach to protect organizations from both physical and cyber security perspectives were created and are becoming increasingly important. ISDS brings together collaborative know-how and expertise in intelligence, physical security, cyber security and ICT technology to deliver better value for its customers, greater success in delivering security & resilience and improving disaster risk reduction.

The highly qualified and experienced team of experts maintains multidisciplinary applicable expertise and skills providing comprehensive cyber security solutions, services and advice to financial institutions, governments, critical infrastructure and commercial corporation customers, that want to build cyber-resilience into their organizations.

We provide a wide range of state of the art market-proven training, services and solutions supporting our customer and continually and gradually improve their ICT and cybersecurity posture.

Within the services we provide are:

  • Security Awareness program development;
  • Business Continuity Planning;
  • Lecturer on Cyber Security & information Security at academic and practical levels.