Since 1982

Mass Transportation

ISDS provides Mass Transportation solutions worldwide, specializing in aviation security, mass land transportation and maritime large-scale operations.

ISDS specializes in the development of innovative security operational methodologies and state-of-the-art security technologies and its practical implementation for complex large-scale air-land-maritime security operations. The firm’s extensive experience and know-how enables us to provide high quality and customizable security engineering services and consultancy that successfully optimizes transportation operations efficiency with high security effectiveness.

Improving Effectiveness & Efficiency of Airport Security Operations by Innovative Methodologies & Cutting-edge Technologies.

Responding to the outlook for the growth of the Mass Transport operations demand, ISDS supports its customers improving the effectiveness & efficiency of the security operations by the implementation of innovative methodologies & cutting-edge technologies.

Our security services are geared to assist our customers to optimize their security operations effectiveness and its operational efficacy while adhering to recent and developing national and international regulations. Our consulting services include:

  • Development of security programs for existing and new sites, from site surveys through gap analysis to master plan and detailed SOP’s, functional requirements, technical specifications, commissioning and training;
  • Accreditation support – assisting customers attain and maintain national and international accreditation for their facilities and organizations, while effectively and efficiently comply with relevant regulations;
  • Security audit – auditing compliance with documented procedures and regulations, providing the customer with clear quantified level and effectiveness of compliance as well as practical correction recommendations;
  • Detailed planning and application engineering support of security operations, including process optimization, manpower and equipment utilization, system layout, overall system design, required performance and specification for the various components;
  • Conceptual and detailed planning of the deployment of security technologies in complex security operations, ‘hands on’ commissioning and training of operators, supervisors and managers at all level;
  • Assistance for the equipment deployment by addressing operational procedures and training programs;
  • Support procurement and bids by developing SOW’s, functional requirements, technical specifications, FAT and SAT protocols, SLA’s and comparative analysis of proposals;
  • Develop, manage and guide incident response table top exercises, simulations / games, operations drills, functional exercises and full-scale exercises;
  • Training of general staff, security staff and malmanagement.